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A lot of people are in the problem that encounters insomnia via regular meeting at ordinary times, actually insomnia does not calculate going up is very serious, because the allowance of respect of a few food already was caused,be, Shanghai night net

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For instance a lot of people in the late evening when drink coffee chronically, can bring about the bodyForum of Shanghai night net

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nerve is excessive and excited, so ability can cause insomnia, drinking coffee insomnia according to considering to discover so is normaller, disuse is OK.

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How to drink coffee insomnia to do?

Place of 1, coffee contains a kind coffeine is alkaloid, it is laxity a shot in the arm. Its stimulant than tea more actor, what contain coffeine to compare % of 60 of ~ of % of 40 of tea tower above, cell of nerve of can excited cerebra, raise cerebral cell to vigor, stimulative thinking associates and analyse judgement ability, but carry

The god wakes head, make the person is inspired with enthusiasm, eliminate exhaustion and drowsiness, improve behavioral flexibility, make the person has relaxed feeling.

How to drink coffee insomnia to do?

2, coffee has to heart and vessels and bronchus dilate and fight convulsion action, can promote a loop, raise cardiac muscle to offer blood, stimulative heart beats, have certain curative effect to low blood pressure and asthma of convulsion sex bronchus.

3, coffee can promote digestive gland to secrete, ameliorative digestive function, stomachic, promote absorb, enhance metabolism.

◎ gives birth to coffee boil make

How to drink coffee insomnia to do?

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Water of gram coffee, 1000 grams, white sugar 100 grams, can boil 4 cup coffee (every cups of about 225 grams) . Master different duration, burn with big firebrand water first, after devoted coffee, instead small fire, the edge burns edge agitate, boil controls cease-fire 3 minutes, filter gives coffee grounds to be become namely. The horse answers to go up after been boil drinkable, because put cool drink again, bubble can be destroyed, the sweet smell of coffee also can run along with vapour.

◎ is ripe the strong bubble of coffee

Iron coffee cup with hot water first hot, reoccupy boiling water develops bubble, had better use fresh boiling water, water is warm not under 83 ℃ ; The volume of coffee is average one teaspoon develops fast dissolve coffee move a cup, its quantity also can follow individual taste again somewhat increase and decrease; The time of strong bubble had better be in 5 ~ 8 minutes. No matter be unripe coffee or ripe coffee, lubricious delicacy, flavour all should be achieved after been cook sweet, goluptious; Conversely, color is black, without fragrance, have acerb mouthfeel, issue pharynx hard.

◎ avoid chroma exorbitant

Some people work desperately and learn, often borrow high concentration coffee to stimulate cerebrum nerve, life-giving drive strands in an attempt to, such doing is harmful healthy, it is advisable to do not exceed 100 milligrams with chroma of every cups of coffee commonly. If water is high pH indicator coffee, can cause the adrenalin inside body to be added suddenly, the heartbeat is accelerated, blood pressure is apparently elevatory, appear nervous uneasiness, be agitated, tinnitus and limbs are asp etc unusual nowLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Like. Have the person of hypertensive, coronary heart disease, cause angina pectoris possibly still1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With cerebral blood-vessel accident.

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