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A lot of people like bone Shang Yi are boiled make coming out is transparent, because everybody is boiling boiling water,basically be when cause the hematic water take out of bone, want Bao to give white Shang Shui, should want to come with cold water Bao soup, the soup flavour that such Bao come out is best. Bone soup boils the calcic element that the compensatory skeleton with OK and very good white requires, and for the friend that compares empty to the body, drink what bone soup is helpful for the body to restore more.

How does bone soup boil white

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1, how does bone soup boil white

Material: Bone, water, green, ginger, wine, vinegar, salt.


1, bone abluent, enter water of the scald in boiled water 5 minutes, after water of the haemorrhage that boil, take out character, drop water.

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The root is chased again in putting tepid water abluent, especially bone seams the hematic foam impurity in to want to be washed clean.

3, in putting character in arenaceous boiler, add boiled water, rejoin green, ginger, wine and vinegar, leave with big baked wheaten cake.

4, cast aside go float foam, turn small fire stews 3 hours can.

5, salt is added when wanting to drink a bit stew can.

How does bone soup boil white

Small stick person:

1, effect of soup of the tube bone bone that stew is best, it is chop next. Because be contained inside tube bone,many protein is mixed adipose, compare nutrition, and fattiness the emulsion after also be helpful for, let soup turn a grandma into white.

2, beforehand scald water is OK the hematic water of eliminate bone and redundant adipose, can make soup color white fair-skinned, without fishy smell, the taste that still can let soup is better. Scald water when the flavoring that still can add and so on of bit of ginger, Chinese prickly ash, the effect is better.

3, avoid by all means often opens boiler lid to look during stew, so that maintain high temperature, do not let adipose agglomeration, such soup can suckle white.

4, soup must cast aside net surplus foam thoroughly, such soup just can not have foreign matter completely, it is better to want drink.

5, stew must boil quite enough time Shang Cai will be white, want 2 hours at least, and time Yue Changshang is whiter.

How does bone soup boil white

2, the recipe that bone Shang Hao drinks

1, flavour of soup of the arenaceous boiler bone that stew is best. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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2, water wants one-time add sufficient, do not want midway to add cold water, Shanghai night net

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If must add water,also should heat boiled water.

3, should not put too much into the flavoring such as ginger, green, cooking wine, affect the former juice raw ingredient of soup in case.

4, a few vinegar can be joined when boiling boiling water, the calcic qualitative dissolve that can make bone medium Yushangnei, increase nutrient value.

5, salt should be not put prematurely when boiling boiling water, prevent the protein inside pork to dissolve not easily, those who affect mouthfeel and soup article.

3, bone soup saves a method

1, if be,eat the bone boiling water that remain to be about freezer cold storage just can be put after boil air is cool again.

2, if save 9 days only, build the bowl that contains bone boiling water directly, put in freezer to refrigerate case to save canNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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3, what if be the bone boiling water that just had boiled,should save is a few longer, freezer cold storage is put after air is cool, after waiting for bone soup congeal to originally, cast aside the float oil above with ladle, next the part that remain, infuse makes ice inside case, made aspic is formed piece, protect existence freezer compartment can.

4, best a few much style cent install bone soup, along with with along with take, avoid to change freeze aspic to affect soup quality repeatedly, accelerate the qualitative change rate of soup.

5, below the circumstance that can drink boiling water of complete boiler bone surely in inaccuracy, best Cheng Kuo measures a bowl, add right amount salt, do not put boiling water of whole boiler bone salt, because of bone soup medium salinity lets bone soup more easily cause a bacterium, quicken the metamorphism of bone soup thereby.

6, if do not have freezer, can put bone boiling water in china, next bubble is in cold water, put in the place of airiness.

Small stick person: The soup after changing aspic is oil of water having a place is detached, on flavour and nutrition be not a patch on boils now, if have time,still had better do now what use now is good.

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