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Biscuit became a kind to get student and office worker nowadays very the food that like, and still a few special biscuit had become the main member for recreational snacks early. The sort of biscuit is rife, and as long as the method that make is accurate, the nutrition of biscuit is richer still. For instance he is in the home also can make bread, so be in the homeShanghai Long Feng forum

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Contain the word of biscuit, should how Where is section?

Abstain biscuit how section?

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It is OK to want to cut good sop referenced and the following method:

1, put biscuit in clean chopping block to go up

2, the knife is burned a little on fire it is good to burn heat, do not want a knife is firing black

3, the temperature that taking the advantage of a knife begins to cut biscuit, when encountering hot knife because of cold biscuit, can as rapid as the place that the knife contacts bate, unapt drop broken bitsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, sop looks flowing and orderly.

1, water / yeasty, milk, candy, salt and oily all are put into a big bowl, join 1-1/2 cup flour, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Till mix adequately,begin agitate, join flour of another 1-1/2 cup, continue agitate, at this moment, dough will become stiff thick, but still very stick. Mix above burden together. Now, need spends about 10 minutes of knead dough.

2, knead repeatedly hold, by the dough in press and pounding solid bowl, this is us what say ” knead dough ” , this duty factor is more painstaking, but, must do ability to form gluten so, knead dough needs the left and right sides 10 minutes (if need, can install) of a timer.

Abstain biscuit how section?

3, let doughA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Ferment in warm place, when needing to use 60 arrive 90 minutes. Want to look for a warm place, the simplest method is, open oven power source, set temperature minimum as far as possible () of about 65.5 Celsius, heat when oven after this temperature, shut oven power source, open oven door about 30 seconds next in order to emit partial heat.

To prevent dough desiccate, wipe oil of 1 spoon vegetable dough to go up please, put this bowl of dough into oven next and close oven door. Traditional method is to use towel to cover bowl mouth, such doing still can avoid dough airing. In the meantime, need observes regularly. About 60 after arriving 75 minutes, dough bulk can increase one times about. The carbon dioxide that this is gluten and yeasty generation acted well.

4, take out from bowl of oven lieutenant general. Dough will change again stick, because this washs both hands please, at this moment can above brush a bit oil. “Press downward press dough ” , this is to be bake to prepare, use a hand to squeeze the air in dough.

Take out dough from inside the bowlLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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. If biscuit is baked dish, baking please dish on the oil on besmear, knead dough a small, put it next dish in. If use, is biscuit dish, knead dough please orb or lump, put it next dish in. Go to biscuit replace in warm oven, let it ferment again 60 to 90 minutes, its bulk will increase one times again.

Abstain biscuit how section?

Present round bulk increases again one times when, move oven 176 Celsius, bake biscuit makes an appointment with 45 minutes. Present bag presents gold Brown, and hollow noise is given out when clap crust, with respect to the specification biscuit has been baked.

Patulous data

From quantity of heat for, with minimum of cuticular and flat crackling biscuit quantity of heat, because this kind of biscuit is not sweet, contain candy, salt and oil very few, the skin after bake is fragile hard, take the advantage of heat to eat very goluptious. Biscuit of French staple food and Russian type ” Dalieba ” belong to this kind, nutrient value and steamed bread cardinal principle are similar.

Horniness biscuit and soft plain bread join the material such as egg, candy, milk, grease, the moisture content that just adds is different. Children like ” toast ” , ” butyric biscuit ” belong to soft plain bread with biscuit of mug-up of major design and color. Soft qualitative sweet biscuit contains sugar about 15% , grease is made an appointment with 10% , toast is a few morer. But because added egg and powdered milk, nutrient value also somewhat heighten, suit baby edible.

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