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Dangshen is commonner Chinese traditional medicine material, enraging hematic inadequacy and constitution to compare weakling edible result is very pretty good, and still can improve the appearance with withered and yellow complexion, can undertake recuperating with dangshen, the edible method that is dangshen only is rife, different edible method, the effect of dangshen also is different, dangshen is actually OK Bao soup, OK still make it congee, pharmacodynamics action is first-rate, fresh dangshen introduces below have a way.

 Of fresh dangshen have a way

The edible method of dangshen:

1. joins Ling congee

Method of the edible that join Ling is varied, the congee that join Ling is a kind of delicate choice. Can dangshen, tuckahoe, ginger, rice is put into water to undertake immersing, add water to join inside boiler next feed capable person. Proposal everybody everyday edible joins Ling congee in the evening, the OK and effective gas blood that improves oneself to appear not free symptom, also conduce to the intestines and stomach that recuperates oneself at the same time, increase the capacity of gastric bowel peristalsis of oneself, the intestines and stomach that improves oneself to appear is unwell symptom, can achieve to fill very well the effect of lienal beneficial stomach.

 Of fresh dangshen have a way

2.Join jujube rice

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Teach unripe sit sore, the rice that join a jujube is used. Choose dangshen 10 grams buy a few fresh big jujubes, the evaporate after immersing polished glutinous rice next is ripe. Join the rice with good evaporate in the bowl next, it is OK to put jujube and dangshen edible, nutrition is delicate healthy, the OK and active lienal empty energy of life that improves oneself to appear is weakA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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menstruation does not move an issue, the result is very right also.

Soup of 3. dangshen nutrition

soup of nutrition of dangshen make it drinkable and OK the absorption that makes human body better the nurture in dangshen is qualitative, can dangshen, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, give birth to cultivated land, after waiting for material of a variety of costly Chinese traditional medicine to use water fry in shallow oil, angelica is taken, can achieve the result that a very good supplementary this world enrages. Fall in the condition with weak put oneself in another’s position of art the back of a person especially, properShanghai Long Feng forum

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Drink boiling water of nutrition of a few dangshen, special the rehabilitation that conduces to oneself body, also conduce to the body that solves oneself to appear lack of power a variety of problems such as night sweat.

 Of fresh dangshen have a way

Wine of 4. dangshen medlar

Senile friend is in in can drink a few wine that use dangshen bubble appropriately daily, can dangshen, medlar, liquor mixes development, in jar is being put after washing dangshen and medlar clean, add right amount white spirit, have opening sealed immerse a week above is OK and drinkable, old people drinks a few dangshen appropriately, medlar wine, also can improve the hypertensive symptom that oneself appears effectively on certain level, achieve a Ning Xinan’s magical effect.

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The method of above is in daily often edible. Dangshen improves the cough asthma that oneself appears effectively, a variety of problems such as palpitation be discouraged, old people eats a few dangshen appropriately also the progress that conduce delays oneself consenescence, reduce oneself to appear the odds of a variety of senile disease problems, this is the cordial with very high value of a kind of nutrition.

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