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cate, this includes very famous curry chicken among them, some closer year come, curry chicken begins to be in home is popular, be in Guangdong area for instance, can eat chicken of curry of local special distinctive, curry chicken completely of this cate lubricious fragrance, ate to be able to complement rich microelement, the detailed making process of curry chicken is below.

Is the practice whole process of curry chicken what kind of?

The practice whole process of curry chicken:

Feed material prepares

Fat tender unripe chicken 1.5 kilograms, flay sweet potato 750 grams, chicken broth 3 kilograms, cooking wine 60 grams, refined salt 30 grams, gourmet powder 7 grams, white sugar 15 grams, soya-bean oil 2 kilograms (real cost 150 grams) , curry is oily 250 grams, green paragraph 50 grams, ginger 25 grams, water is amylaceous 25 grams, sesame-seed oil 25 grams, sesame seed face 25 grams, a few potato.

Is the practice whole process of curry chicken what kind of?


1, make a curry oil first; Fry boiler to burn heat, put 200 grams soya-bean oil, burn to 6 when becoming heat, put end of 100 grams onion, when stir-fry before stewing fries a fragrance, put mud of 50 grams garlic and 250 grams curry powder again, fry divide evenly with small fire, wait for fry when appearing, add clear water, the spoon that use a hand is smooth, if want curry oil some thicker, usable and right amount flour is added after clear water is smooth, in adding curry oil, fry fully, in can filling container, stand-by.

2, pick fat tender unripe chicken wash clean, behead goes neck, clasper, arrange long sliver from gallinaceous back with the knife, cut 2, behead goes back bone, again the knife cut off among the leg from chicken, chest, cut 4 in all. Flay sweet potato is abluent, cut lozenge piece.

3, the get angry that fry pan burns heat, put soya-bean oil, burn to 7 when becoming heat, putLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Enter gallinaceous piece to cross oil, scamper comes gallinaceous piece is cortical and constrictive become angry, immediately uses strainer fish out, accuse to strike oil.

4, take clean porcelain pot, add water of right amount cold and cheerless, immediately has gallinaceous bubble (after the purpose is blown by wind to prevent chicken, become angry) .

5, fry boiler to heat formerly, burn 5 when becoming heat, enter sweet potato piece, scamper comes anger leaves namely when tender yellow, fish out sweet potato, enter accuse to strike oil inside strainer, teem beyond oil enters oil tank inside.

6, fry1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Boiler takes a few soya-bean oil, burn heat, put onion paragraph, after Jiang Pian stir-fry before stewing is fried, put cooking wine, chicken broth, immediately general chicken piece from water fish out comes, put into boiler, the boiler on the lid is built, after be being burned, make down fire makes an appointment with stew 20 minutes, need chicken be about to crisp when rotting, put refined salt, . Curry oil, white sugar, gourmet powder, again stew 10 minutes, gallinaceous piece is right now crisp already sodden tasty, will gallinaceous piece uses strainer fish out, put into porcelain basin.

7, in the boiler that enters the sweet potato with good blast curry bittern again, make an appointment with stew 7 minutes or so, with strainer fish out, put in another container, next, curry the bittern of gallinaceous piece falls into porcelain vessel.

8, need the chicken that has cooked piece after air is cool, even ground cuts 50 or so; Take bowl of 10 clean china, after putting sweet potato piece, again will outfit of good cent of gallinaceous piece collocation, rejoin chicken bittern, put freezer to keep.

9, when edible, take out heat, put starch of a few water to tick off Gorgon euryale again, drench on a few sesame-seed oil, again face of Sa Shangzhi hemp, can.

Is the practice whole process of curry chicken what kind of?

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Practice 2

1. prepares chicken, onion, potatoShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Young, red pointed any of several hot spice plants.

2. chicken is abluent with oneFall in love with the sea

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Dot salt a little souse, stripping and slicing of young of onion, potato, red pointed any of several hot spice plants.

3. burns hot pot, medium baking temperature, gather up chicken next boiler, dry boiler decoct comes two sides is golden.

The chicken with 4. good decoct gathers up Cheng Qi, cut agglomerate.

Cheer in 5. boiler burn heat, unload potato young simmer in water, make its skin a bit anxious anxious.

After 6. waits for potato son face to have bit of scorch, join onion to fry sweet.

7. joins curry sauce, oyster sauce, clear water is burned.

Gallinaceous piece is joined to fry divide evenly after 8. curry is burned, a bit stew.

The rejoin before 9. gives boiler is red any of several hot spice plants, red oil fried divide evenly to go.

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