” true person is hit quickly 11 ” development business response works overtime and sexual distinction discriminates against a problem

We reported before “上海贵族宝贝

true person is hit quickly 11 ” development works 爱上海同城

overtime what business NetherRealm atelier is exposed to the sun to go out to wait for a series of problems with sexual discrimination wildly, netherRealm atelier is right recently this made a response. NetherRealm atelier expresses: We are thanked very much all the time and respect all employee, also devote oneself to to provide active and effective work environment. And the employer that serves as a principle of equal opportunity for all, we encourage diversity, adopt measure to reduce the overwor上海千花网论坛

k time of employee ceaselessly. At present we are investigating all accusation actively, and we take this seriously very much, and improve our company 阿拉爱上海同城

environment in effort all the time. Actually employee people can use relatively confidential means to put forward to hold the post of He爱上海同城论坛

Yi Lv or doubt to the company. NetherRealm atelier expresses to will wait for a problem to launch further investigation to sexual discrimination, at the same time somebody sent a mail to Variety under the counter recently, showed the issue that company neutral annoys among them: “We often hear somebody to give say female employee 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

has low common nickname, and the female is called in the company prostitute is common thing it seems that. ” interesting is, previous NetherRealm atelier claims adamantinely the dress raising for woman role in game is to reflect the estimation to the female, also the figure to let them is more mature, and this atelier all the time of advocate ” diversity ” and ” include quality ” the concept appears also as a result of recently a series of accuse and melt into visionary hope. Whether to face up to these problems really as to prospective NetherRealm atelier, offer appropriate solution, still ask each wait and see what happens.

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