Shao Ting formal autograph makes an appointment with WNBA team of Su Dashan cat of bright Buddhist nun starts 21 days go to the United States

Login register Shao Ting of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian does formal autograph make an appointment with WNBA bright does team of Ni Suda leopard cat start 21 days: of the origin that go to the United States?  grow thoroughfare?2017-04-19 16:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

Netease sports reported on April 19:

Beijing time on April 19, small gain of net of officer of group of Su Dashan cat announces bright Buddhist nun formal autograph makes an appointment with graceful of Shao of female basket national champion, graceful will set out in 21 days go to the United States and team assemble. Her hopeful becomes the Chinese player of WNBA of the 5th go on an expedition into final list.

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Bright Buddhist nun a powerful force that team of Su Dashan cat is WNBA league matches, ever won this allied total championship for many times, this team has Ma elegant – rub Er and Xierweiya – Fuersi ever was in twice this the puissant foreign aids of effectiveness of WCBA league matches, among them the teammate that Fuersi ever had made Beijing female basket with Shao Ting, take a team to carry off 2 years continuously together WCBA total champion. Shao Ting this embark on a journey, will make 3 outstanding WCBA pla爱上海同城论坛

yers produce be mixed once more in American WNBA league matches.

Net of official of WNBA of preexistence of team of Su Dashan cat released bright Buddhist nun this one message. According to timeline, this second training camp of team will open battalion on April 23 at American time, and Shao Ting will set out in 21 days go to the United States and team assemble. After arriving at team, the daily training class that Shao Ting needs to finish check-up and joins team. In addition, she still represents organic meeting team to attend on May 5 (or on May 6) and 2 WNBA Ji Qian was surpassed on May 8. If everything is successful, shao Ting has an opportunity to be seleted the official list of team, league matches of WNBA of go on an expedition.

WNBA offic新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ial net introduced professional career personal details of Sha上海千花网论坛

o Ting in detail, call height her 6 feet past 4 years an effectiveness of Beijing female basket that is in China. In this sports season that just goes, shao Ting is one of 5 brunt players that team gains the championship. She 27 years old gives fight 41, all contribute 3.4 12.8 cent, backboard and 2.7 secondary attack, shoot a basket to hit the target rate achieved 55.2% , 2 when make team上海贵族宝贝论坛

must part company.

Growing experience of Shao Ting is relatively unique in Chinese basketball athlete, she passed the university entrance exam 2008 and be not the identity that is 上海千花网

born with basketball specialty to enter Beijing Normal University, nowadays already is pedagogic doctor’s degree is being read. Shao Ting the university league matches from home (CUBA, CUBS) to WCBA league matches, group of nation of reentrance China female basket, attended female Lan Shijin early or late the great match such as contest, Olympic Games, finished individual basketball career ” hop ” .

After entering group of female basket nation, individual performance of Shao Ting is extremely excellent. Team of her help China obtains the female Lan Shijin 2014 on contest the 6th, all capture 12.3 minutes, hit the target rate 55.7% , the expressional can of 3.1 backboard says whole group is optimal. Liyaoao carried can female basket loses an election 2016 in contest, shao Ting with the field with whole top group all 13.7 minutes (53.6% ) , female basket of China of 2.7 bank help obtained Liyaoao successfully carry meets take part 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

in the match qualification. The Olympic Games is made an appointment with to go up in, shao graceful field all takes cent and 2.6 below 9.6 bank.

Be worth what carry is, past world female goal is top before Shao Ting has an opportunity this WNBA league matches of the level attends try train, achieved Chinese goal assist, of Normal University of bureau of sports of province of club of basketball of Beijing head steel, Sichuan, Beijing and social all circles support energetically. If everything is successful, after Shao Ting has an opportunity to become luxuriant and beautiful of afterwards Zheng Hai Xia, the Sui Dynasty, Miao Lijie, Chen Nan, another Chinese player that lands WNBA formally.

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