Tesla uses school device in Hua Qi sale of campus invite applications for a job reached maintenance talented person 2017

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Original title: Tesla quickens Chinese market position to plan to enrol 500 people in China school

Just experienced human爱上海同城对对碰

affairs to adjust this month reach the tesla that cuts down the member of persons employed considerably, on October 24 evening comes out to already stirred the talk of school action in Hua Qi. According to this message, tesla is low-key already a few days ago school move was started in China, total post counts nearly 500 people.

” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter undertakes seeking testimony to tesla China relevant personage with respect to this matter, but up to distribute news dispatches have no a response. But the action of a school that the reporter gets from relevant personnel department shows in content, the adviser before this school enrols position to involve a product to sell commissioner, consign to experience commissioner, carry out 8 kinds big.

Notable is, the post in this invite applications for a job is sale and maintenance respect mostly, do not involve specific design to produce production category. Afore-mentioned personage explanations say, this also should be in because of tesla just about China the plan that investment builds a plant is not real be born, still be in at present discuss level, also reflect in school court process enrol a person to not was a factory.

Have do not wish the analyst of sign one’s name is being accepted ” negotiable securities daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, 500 people also do not calculat新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

e invite applications for a job actually the movement with too big what, do not need excessive unscramble. To the foreign enterprise, invite applications for a job these strengths are real also it is normal to belong to. And this also is not tesla be in first China undertake large-s上海龙凤论坛sh1f

cale school is enrolled, last year October, tesla undertook in many universities campus explains to public activity, the school when those enrols target numb爱上海同城

er to be 100 people.

At the same time he thinks, tesla wants to exhibit skill greatly in Chinese market, still can get a lot of limitation and challenge, look only from product sale, on one hand its price is high, on the other hand, the country has not undertaken allowance to its.

And with what form bright contrast in action of Chinese large-scale school, it is the message that the tesla that comes out this month cuts down the member of persons employed considerably.

As we have learned, tesla begins at this lunar the middle ten days of a month in succession dismiss 爱上海同城

hundreds person, involve worker of engineer, f爱上海同城手机版

actory, and the group is in charge of each branches, 2% what take integral employee measure. Latest news shows, cut down the member of persons employed this extent has exceeded 700 people probably.

To this, response of tesla respect government says, the performance that cutting down the member of persons employed is pair of employee examines a result to undertake fine falls into disuse. The company shows, assessment of year outstanding achievement includes constructive feedback already, also include better to expression employee to undertake equity of firewood respond with a poem is rewarded. To any companies, especially for the company that an employee surpasses 33000 people, performance is evaluated also can bring about employee to leave one’s post now and then. Tesla says future will continue increase in the whole world with new employee of invite applications for a job.

But have be expressed by the employee of discharge, tesla performance examines differentiate for 1 minute – 5 minutes, it is 5 minutes highest grade, oneself notch be in 4 above, still by discharge. Also accordingly, think tesla is masking the real motive that cut down the member of persons employed with performance test inside course of study.

The personage inside course of study expresses to the reporter, to tesla, chinese market is very important, no matter be this school action, still be the plan building a plant that comes out again and again, it seems that tesla is in China in ceaseless mining oneself the latent capacity of the market.

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