The Pu Tian that build Ou shows expert of dengue fever case of illness to teach you how to prevent dengue fever

The net austral Fujian on October 1 dispatch recently, after the Fujian Province builds Ou and Pu Tian Xian, reported dengue fever case of illness, many citizens are afraid, can dengue fever spread in complete province? What person contracts dengue fever easily? 11 long holidays arrived, the brought member that give a pedestrian in great quantities, how does the government sector prevent dengue fever epidemic situation to diffuse further at present?

To the problem of a few focuses of the dengue that everybody pays close attention to, yesterday afternoon 4:00 5:00, the province defends a committee of planning to invite province disease to prevent control center lash-up to deal with to supervise docto爱上海同城对对碰

r of a strong point, chairman with epidemic situation Hong Rongtao and netizens undertook online communicating, introduced many dengue to prevent common sense at the same time.

Problem 1: Is the harm sex of dengue fever big? Why can you appear is爱上海同城对对碰

this locality dengue popular?

Big strong point: The whole world has 50 million every year to happen to case of illness of 100 million dengue about, among them development of 500 thousand patients becomes the more serious haemorrhage th爱上海同城对对碰

at enter remove from office to heat up ask for integratedly with the shock that enter remove from office, already became global serious communal and wholesome problem. The origin of dengue fever and popularity already formed global social effects of pollution. Our country each province all has input case report, the southern province such as Guangdong, Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hainan can cause popularity of this locality dengue, basically happen in summerly fall, house home is out of job and send high from retiree.

Problem 2: Have been to the person of fashionable district, how to judge whether was already affected by dengue fever?

Big strong point: Dengue fever crowd feels easily generally, but only part person comes on after infection. No matter be in area of dengue fever popularity to live for a long time,still be short-term linger, the mosquito that is carried likely to ascend change virus bites and have dengue fever. At present the whole world still prevents dengue fever without effective vaccine.

People can parse judgement so, if oneself is had the following 3 conditions, already perhaps was affected by dengue fever: 1. The state that has dengue fever popularity or area;2 had arrived inside before coming on 15 days. Before coming on 15 have doubtful mosquito to bite history;3 inside the day. Appear symptoms of afore-mentioned dengue fever appearance, body ask forring.

Of course, if suspect dengue fever infection, also need not nervous, take 3 step instantly: 1. Get in touch with orgnaization 上海千花社区

of control of local disease precaution or medical establishment instantly;2. The lab examination that has concerned dengue fever so that as soon as possible diagnose;3. Had done living environment to prevent midge to destroy midge measure, other is affected and travel further in case.

Problem 3:爱上海龙凤419桑拿

If people lives in the place that dengue fever illness happens, how should prevent infection?

Big strong point: The public of fashionable district should notice more, it is to break up above all dish pour coal tub, ; of seeper of cleared room inside and outside 2 it is punish environment sanitation, exterminate midge; 3 it is to had made the step that prevent midge, avoid mosquito bite.

Basically destroy midge measure:

1. water jar builds: Qing Dynasty of day of every other 3~5, brush, wash, iron, in order to keep clear of, exterminate larva of water jar wall and midge egg.

2. biology destroys midge young: 3~5 is put in water jar devour fish; of the mosquito or Su Yun puts on preparation of bar bacterium H-14 in water jar.

3. turns over a basin to pour coal tub, hole of ram bamboo, tree, processing chamber inside and outside all sorts of small seeper.

4. is not seeper of drinking water container to what be hard to keep clear of, can cast asperse useless engine oil kind or delay commentate insecticide.

5. is indoor into midge usable DDVP sprays eliminate, the phosphor of 50% Ma La sulfur, pine that kill snout moth’s larva can be used into midge outdoor wait to exceed small size sparge, or undertake in key area extensive medicaments sprays.

6. is urgent destroy midge: Poisonous yellow-fever mosquito of the in spite of illness inside epidemic disease area is main transmission agency, must consolidate the operation urgent exterminate yellow-fever mosquito of room inside and outside. Plant in the light of dif上海千花网交友

ferent midge characteristic, choose best opportunity and method. The environment outdoor undertakes in the light of place of yellow-fever mosquito perch large area sprays. Destroy midge days undertakes, the attention avoids food pollution and person, cultivate is toxic, good window should close before indoor gush medicine, gush is over medicine closes, via door window is being opened again after 1 hour. Can carry out to vehicle when necessary destroy midge. (The sea reporter Zhang Wei)

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